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Gate, Globe & Check Valves

Looking for a reliable valve with excellent fluid control ability?

Gate valve is exceptionally sturdy, rugged and durable, with a reputation for quality, integrity and long service.

Gate valves are perfect for use in pipelines. Its easy-to-shut-off-and-on feature is what makes it the preferred choice of engineers.

Gate valves are bidirectional, which makes it versatile and cost-effective. When in use, the pressure loss through the valve is drastically reduced, thereby making it extremely safe and reliable.

Why use Gate Valves?

  • Easy to shut off
  • Bi-directional
  • Minimum pressure loss
  • Suitable for vacuum service
  • Ball type disc

How does it work?

The gate valve has a circular or a rectangular plates, a pipe that controls the flow of the fluid and a handle.
When the valve is closed, the fluid and the steam are tightly captured between the two plates. At this stage, there is no leakage of flow of fluid or steam.

When the valve opens, the matter inside the pipe flows easily, enabling supply.
To ensure 100% safety and avoid leakage, the valve should never be semi-open or semi-closed. It should always be 100% closed or open.

Where is it used?

Gate valves are pretty easy to operate yet very effective and sturdy. Some of the most common applications of gate valves are for transporting fuel gas, feed-water, steam, lube oil and other similar systems.
Gate valves are also used for air, gaseous or liquid systems. Because of it’s non-erosive property, it works really well and lasts long.

Why buy from Forxar Industries?

Gate valves designed and manufactured by Forxar industries are made using excellent quality raw material.

One of the biggest problems with products like these is that it gets eroded easily. Experts at Forxar have especially kept this in mind.

Our gate valves are fire-safe and doesn’t erode easily. Our gate valves also have a back-seat arrangement that makes it durable and easy to operate and have a precision finish seat and surface.

The parts are easily replaceable. And the best thing is, all this will fit in your budget perfectly.

At Forxar Industries, we are 100% committed to quality and customer satisfaction.

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Valves MFG. STD. Class Type
Gate Valve API 600 / API 6D / API 602 / BS 1414 #150 – #2500 Slab Gate / Expanding Gate / Angle Type / Y-Type
Globe Valve API 602 / BS 1873 #150 – #2500 Z-Type / Angle Type / Y-Type / Three Way
Check Valve API 594 / API 602 / API 6D #150 – #2500 Swing Check / Nozzle Check / Single & Double Plate

Wafer Type / Poppet Type

Flanged End 1/2” – 24”
Butt Weld End 1/2” – 24”
Threaded End 1/4” – 4”
Socket Weld End 1/4” – 4”
Types Features Advantages Applications
Gate Valve • Precision Finish Seat & Surface

• Fire Safe Design

• Back Seat Arrangement

• Ball Type Disc

• Suitable For Vacuum Service

• Easy Replacement

They have good shutoff characteristics.

• They are bidirectional.

• The pressure loss through the valve is


Socket or butt-welding end-gate

valves in air, fuel gas, feedwater,

steam, lube oil, and other systems

are typical applications. Threadedend

gate valves may be used in air,

gaseous, or liquid systems.

Globe Valve Precision Finish Seat & Surface

• Fire Safe Design

• Rotating Tip

• Linear or Equal

• % Characteristic

• Back Seat Arrangement

• Pressure Seal Bonnet

• Low Torque Quick Opening

• Good shut-off capability

• Moderate to good throttling capability

• Shorter stroke (compared to a gate valve)

• Easy to machine or resurface the seats

• With disc not attached to the stem, valve

can be used as a stop-check valve.

• Fuel oil system where flow is

regulated and leak tightness is of


• High-point vents and low-point

drains when leak tightness and

safety are major considerations.

• Boiler vents and drains, main steam

vents and drains, and heater drains.

Check Valve Full Flow Area

• Resilient Seat or Metal

• To Metal

• Low Head Loss

• They are self-actuated and require no

external means to actuate the valve either

to open or close. They are fast acting.

• Check Valve as we normally use in

plumbing, chilled or firefighting

system is normally a swing type

valve which can be specified for its

application which is not for any sort

of contamination or rugged used.

Gate Valve, Globe Valve & Check Valve (GGC)