Hex Pipe Fittings

Choose from a variety of multi-dimensional, excellently crafted hex pipes to hold parts in place.

Hex pipe fittings are usually multi dimensional and come in a variety of shape, size and material. It’s study nature and easy applicability is what makes it the preferred choice for fitting things together.

Why useForged Pipe Fittings ASME B16.11?

  • Female NPT Adapter
  • Split Bushing Nut
  • Approved for concealed use
  • Tool-Less Flare Fitting Design
  • Metal to Metal seal
  • Multi Point Seal
  • Self Guiding Fitting Assembly
  • Jacket Lock Feature
  • Metal Locking Feature
  • Fully Reusable Fitting

Why buy from Forxar Industries?

Buying from Forxar means buying a product that has been tried, and tested for quality several times before it reaches you. With out products, quality will never be an issue.

At Forxar Industries, we are 100% committed to quality and customer satisfaction.

Hex Pipe Fittings image
Types Nipples / Adapters / Gasket / Reducing Bushing, Reducer / Coupling / Elbows / Tees / Crosses / Union Ball Joints / Pipe Caps / Pipe Plugs / Hollow Hex Plug / Hex head Plugs Hose Fittings / Weld Fittings
Standards Manufacturing Standards
Size • 1/16 – 2” (4 NB – 50 NB)
Pressure Rating •Female NPT Adapter, Split Bushing, Nut  •Approved for Concealed use •Tool-Less Flare Fitting Design  •Metal to Metal seal  •Multi Point Seal •Self Guiding Fitting Assembly •Jacket Lock Feature  •Metal Locking Feature  •Fully Reusable Fitting

Hex Pipe Fittings