Y-Type Strainer Valve

Looking for easy to use and flexile wire mesh strainer valves?

Y-Type Strainer Valves are easy to operate and long lasting. What makes Y-type strainer valves the preferred choice is their light weight and compact size.
It is also sustainable and cost-effective because the components are easily interchangeable with another one of the same type.

Why use Y-Type Strainer Valves?

  • Easy to clean
  • Low maintenance
  • Fire friendly
  • Carbon steel or Stainless steel body

How does it work?

A size 2” Y-type strainer valve is made up of a flanged blow-off cover, gasket and plug. Y-type strainers of size 1 1/2” and smaller come with solid threaded cover and gasket.

In a Y-type strainer valve, there is a machined, tapered seat that ensures a perfect fit for the removable, stainless steel screen. This type of valves are usually installed in vertical or horizontal pipelines with blow-off connection at the lower end of the screen.

Where is it used?

Y-type strainer valves are usually used for separation and segregation. Some of the most common applications are pump protection, flow meter protection, valve and regulator protection, protection of heat exchanger and refrigerating set, protecting stream traps and instrumentation and ancillary piping item protection.

Why buy from Forxar Industries?

Y-type strainer valves from Forxar Industries are available in carbon steel and stainless steel. These valves are extremely safe and reliable.

What makes these Y-type strainer valves stand out is the fact that they are extremely low maintenance. Installing and operating these is very easy, too.

Y-type strainer valves have adequate strength of element and housing and low pressure drop across the filter. On special request, we can easily customise these valves with an outlet for drainage.

At Forxar Industries, we are 100% committed to quality and customer satisfaction.

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Carbon Steel : Body, Cover – ASTM A216 Grade WCB
Stainless Steel : Body, Cover – ASTM A351 Grade CF8M
All screens are Stainless Steel / Monal / Inconel

Y-Type Strainer Valve